Photography Reflections in Thailand

One of my duties as a teacher in an international school in Thailand was to offer an activity to offset the 3Rs. I often chose photography. One time I was paired with a fellow teacher whose resume stated, that he was a visual arts expert. I had no idea what that meant. Still don’t.

The 1st activity went like this. Before the ‘hellos’ even began, this teacher told the group he was a professional photographer. And then began scribbling on the whiteboard about apertures and shutter speeds. Most of his ramblings went over my head and I minored in photography. These 8-9 year olds were bored. When he finally stopped talking to take a breath, I jumped in and said thanks. Before, I could change gears, the expert hit overdrive.

He told a story about using his camera in Thailand. Apparently he had been on a tour of a Hilltribe tourist attraction in Northern Thailand. Keep in mind, that most of these settings are where the villagers actually live and make a living. He soon spotted a lady weaving a colorful shawl and wanted to take a photo. But the locals would not move out of his way. He began to yell, “I’m an expert photographer”. Chaos ensued. Eventually, he was asked to go back to the tour van and wait. “Don’t take expensive cameras with you in Thailand” he warned the class.

The guy was nuts! And he was soon dismissed from the school.

Anyway, go ahead and enjoy taking photos in Thailand. Just don’t yell at the locals to get out of your way…

I have only been bit once by a dog. That is pretty good for almost 20 years of exploring Thailand.



Photo shoot for a restaurant. Look for Big Foot on the TV. 



Be natural. Pretend, I'm not here.

Shot with my Trail Camera. 






Look around.

There are cameras

most everywhere in Thailand.

World Series 2017


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