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These mostly unedited clips are from my 1st Nikon point and shoot. Starting in 2000.

Stroll along with Dee as she takes a short tour of D&G Resort in Thailand. 


Follow Sara as she takes us on a Garden Tour.

Thai villagers enjoying the Songkran Festival.


While the band plays, family and friends march around the Wat three times. This is for a young man becoming a monk.

Honoring the elders during the Songkran celebrations.


Dee is thanking the audience for their help in setting up a Thai celebration at the local Wat. The village is called Saphan Hin.

Here I am helping Thai workers drive pilings in order to build a foundation. Bangkok was built on a swamp.

Our 1st house in Bangkok.   2006

Over 40 students coming from Bangkok arrive at D&G Resort. They had volunteered their time for a community project at a local school. It was hot! 100F.

Sara's Dance


An early look at D&G Resort.


Dee enjoying a talk with her mother.


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