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Serving dinner to a customer in Phitsanulok, Thailand.

Here is a collection of my photography bloopers from Thailand. Trust me, there will be more later.

A photo shoot for D&G Restaurant (story later). Hint: Big Foot

A Thai chicken waiting in the wings.

I had  a small window of opportunity to shoot this fighting rooster before the big fight. I clicked off one shot.  Big mistake.

He and I both lost.

Vendors selling food in Thailand.

I love the look of the lady sneaking a look at me. But the photo is a no go. Look at the sky. On this bright and sunny day I should have been using a polarizer.

Food from rural Thailand.
A wedding in Thailand.

To close. This shot of a Thai dish does not tell a story. Plus it is blurry. And yes, it is spicy.

Was asked to shoot a wedding.  But every Tom, Dick and Somchai has a Smartphone. Eye contact can be tough.

At the airport in Bangkok.

Two heads is better than no heads.                  Camera angle.

A random shot in Northern Thailand.

Looks like one big face.

Cropping a photo in Thailand of a young girl.

I don't always look through the view finder. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.

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