A photography look at building D&G Resort.

It ain't really a resort.

We begin by getting dirty.

The Sala/Gazebo was our original office. The Nan River is right across the road.

Clearing jungle land is not easy.


Truck loads of dirt was brought in to raise the land about 1 meter.

B100,000 or $3,000.

More dirt and plenty of

Old Bricks.

Thai Dump Truck

Housing for the Teak House crew.

Day & Night.

To the left is the kitchen & shower area.

Sleeps 8.

The fencing crew was a little bit more upscale. The boss is in the green shirt and his brother has on the Lee cap. A total bonehead. The workers numbered about a dozen but they would come and go.

Woodworking 101

Laying out the fence.

The Nan River is across the road.

Making concrete.

The workers only use this mixer for big jobs.

By tomorrow,

all of this chicken will be gone.

All of it.

We have Juice!

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