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The History of D&G Restaurant

Many years back the wife wanted to open up a restaurant in Phitsnaulok as this is the closest big town near the village she grew up in. This dream was on her bucket list. Her name is Dee. Mine is George. Hence the name of our restaurant. The majority of Thais will often eat out. Why? Several reasons. First, Thais tend to be more social animals than us Americans. They like to eat in groups. Second, many of their homes have a small kitchen area and finally they say it’s cheaper.

Our restaurant never did receive any Michelin stars but we did meet tons of people. Actors, bankers, millionaires, police, professors, soldiers and wardens. But mostly run-of-the-mill families. Good people.

Most restaurants go out of business within a year or so, but Dee managed to have ours up and running for 8 years. Only when I retired to work at D&G Resort did we shut it down. Just too much work. For her, not me.

While researching my family genealogy last year, I discovered one of my grandfathers (who died before I was born) served food in Oklahoma during the 1940s. His place was called D&G Cafe. George was his name. D was his business partner...

Our open air pavilion at D&G Restaurant.


Gathering duck eggs in Thailand.

In Thailand, white eggs are from a duck. Brown eggs are from a chicken.

A Thai family enjoying eating dinner at D&G Restaurant.

Yes, Thais will put ice in their beer.

Soldiers in the Thai Army enjoying a meal.

'2 Thumbs Up'

from soldiers in the

Thai Army.

Professors from Nasurean University in Thailand.

Professors from the local university stop by for dinner.

Thai food is healthy.

Krua in Thai means restaurant.

Thai kitchen staff at work.

Workers in the kitchen preparing for the dinner crowd.

Muslim ladies enjoying a meal in Thailand.

Having a laugh with the customers.

Taking a Thai father out for dinner.

The elderly gentleman was in his 80s and would come to eat every week.

A local celebrity stops by in Thailand.

A pop star in Thailand. Always noisy when he popped in.

Enjoying a Thai meal in Phitsanulok.

This shot should be in the bloopers as you can see my reflection.

A lovely Thai lady serving tacos in Thailand.

My favorite. Homemade tacos and refried beans!

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