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Taking a Chance

Should I get in a Bangkok taxi that has Buddha amulets hanging from the rearview mirror? I’ve had this debate in my head for several years now. And this is why.

Lucky Amulets

A Thai Buddhist believes in reincarnation. So if they die in a car wreck or at a construction site, they are going to come back again and again. Therefore, I’m thinking that maybe they don’t really care so much for safety standards, because in the long run it doesn’t make much difference.


It is quite common to see locals and tourists in Thailand doing something that I would consider iffy. Back in the day, I willingly did many stupid things and survived. Just lucky I guess. Some people are not so lucky.


Now that I am older, I don’t take as many chances like I use to. Mainly because it wastes time. I have projects to do and if I suffer an injury or death it slows me down…


Actually, this is one of the smaller extension cords available in Thailand. The fun begins when a person adds another extension cord to another extension cord to another extension cord. You get the picture.

Texting & Driving

One of my many pet peeves is the phone.

Sleep Walking

The van which was speeding had to slam on the brakes to avoid the pedestrians crossing the street, where they were not supposed to be. Luckily, the kid slept through the entire incident.

Safety Lines

Nets nor safety lines needed.


This scene is from a tourist attraction outside of Bangkok. There are the occasional work related injuries and deaths. Notice the round reddish bump on the man's left foot? This is actually a callous common in Thais and comes from hours of sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Fixing the Cable


A typical Thai fishing boat headed out for a long day of fishing.

Just a bit low in the stern for me.


If a person takes too many unnecessary chances, then the risk of injury, death or jail increases...

Monkey House

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