The Top 20 Tuk Tuk Takes

August 17, 2018

The first Tuk Tuk I saw as a young boy was in a National Geographic magazine and they looked pretty neat to me. I remember thinking they would be fun to ride, but I was in Missoura and they were in some faraway foreign country.


But, a boy can dream.


Many years later, I finally got to take a Tuk Tuk ride. It was my first week in Bangkok and I needed some bed sheets.  The locals said Emporium and pointed out the direction about two miles down the road. So, I stood on the sidewalk in the blazing hot Sun of Thailand waiting for my ride. I let buses, taxis and motorcycle taxis pass me by. I wanted a Tuk Tuk. Just like in National Geographic.


And, finally one stopped and I jumped in and away I went. The ride lasted only a few minutes and the driver charged me B400 or $10. I must have had that stupid look on my face. But it was worth it. And the Emporium? Turns out to be a shopping mall for the well-heeled crowd and $100 for bed sheets was out of my Wal-Mart budget. I ended up taking a bus back to a local market near the original starting point of this journey and bought sheets for $10.


I also saw a photograph of the Lunar Rover on the Moon in National Geographic. Now, that would be fun to ride. But, I am in Thailand and it is in Outer Space.


But, a man can dream…

 Drivers are supposed to wear a blue shirt. Some do, so don't.

 Many times a Tuk Tuk driver will rent a vehicle for the day.

Many drivers will cruise the streets always on the lookout.

 Often drivers will add their personal touch.

 Drivers often work 12-hour days. 7-days a week. 30-days a month.

 There is That Look, which I see quite often.

 It was only during the editing phase that I noticed the

black and white shoes that match.

Cruising the streets of Bangkok

 Traffic is often at a stand still.

 One of the older Tuk Tuks I have seen.

Parked on the sidewalk waiting for the postman to arrive.

 In a Hurry

 The Thai Tuk Tuk drivers often use a sidewalk for parking.

 A young couple out and about in Bangkok

 Tuk Tuk Drivers waiting for Passengers

 Someone is Excited

 Enjoying a morning snack in downtown Bangkok

 This driver was not in the best of moods.

I got out of his way rather quickly.

 Big Tires, Little Tuk Tuk




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