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What photo editing software is best?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

I use ACDsee here in Thailand. Why? I just wanted to edit some photographs, not learn a new language. My first foray into the digital world was a purchase of a Nikon D7000 back in 2011. I tried using Photoshop via a CD install but it was harder than trying to understand a group of villagers all speaking Thai at the same time where incidentally, I live.

It must have been through a Google search that I found ACDsee. They offered a free trial so I downloaded the program which was something new for the times and have been a paying customer since then. In my mind’s eye I imagined a group of people in some garage trying to build some sort of a photo editor to take on the big boys. But in all honesty, I have no idea.

Regardless, the program layout and makes sense to me. I’m guessing that I have used maybe 50% of the bells and whistles offered. Every now and then I try to learn a new function and sometimes it comes easy and then at other times help is needed. They have an online forum where I have asked several questions and the response usually only takes less than a day.

The paddlers are warming up for the races on Nan River in downtown Thailand.
A Long Row to Hoe

I’m just an amateur photographer who tries to take professional shots. Unfortunately, National Geographic has never called me. But I still do the best with what I have and know. Anyway, up above you can see paddlers in their longtail boat warming up for the upcoming annual race on the Nan River. Oddly enough, I was standing on the Thai-American bridge that was built in 1960 in order to take that shot.

A bridge built both by Thailand and America in 1966.
Thai-American Bridge

Now I have no idea what a bridge costs, but my Ultimate Professional 2020 program ran about 50 bucks or so. I upgrade about every other year or so and I often never use what was included in the new package. The truth is that I still don’t know how to use all of the original program. However, one new skill that I have learned is the Smart Erase tool.

Below is not a professional job, but something I did in about ten minutes or so. Nothing to do with my skill as the software does most of the work. Pretty amazing technology for a 66-year-old guy. And by the way, the boat and paddlers finished the race but not even close to winning. But I think they were still pleased with their results, much like I am with ACDsee. And yes, National Geographic; I am available. Quit laughing…

Using the Smart Erase tool.
Where did they go?

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