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Visiting the 50 States in Thailand

Imagine going to the grocery store in Missouri and seeing another shopper wearing a KC Royals baseball t-shirt. No big deal I hear you say and you're probably correct. However, if a person is wearing that t-shirt in Thailand, then that is a big deal. Well, at least to me it is and what started out as a fluke, has turned into an obsession. I prefer to say a man on a mission.

I’ve been working on a project here in Thailand since 2005 and need a little help to cross it off my Bucket List. The original goal was to shoot photos of Thais wearing a t-shirt from each one of the 50 states. Then, I will put the collection in a coffee table book along with hopefully a few good tales about each state and Thailand. So far, I’ve collected 31 t-shirt pics. I am looking for the states shown below.

Hopefully we can do some horse trading. Send me a t-shirt that represents somehow any of the states that I’m missing. It might be a school, event, a restaurant, etc., really anything will work. I will then donate the t-shirt to some lucky Thai person that has a story to tell. Plus your name will be mentioned.

If you can do this, then I will send an official George’s Pizza t-shirt to you. Just email me your address. My snail mail address is:

George Bowman

222 Moo 14

Phrom Phiram

Phitsanulok, Thailand 65150

If by chance you show up at our pizza joint wearing such a t-shirt; the pizza is on me. I recommend either the Meat Lovers or the Seafood…

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