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Pot on Pizza?

As of a few days ago, George’s Pizza is proud to be able to offer cannabis-infused pizza from the boonies of Thailand. Ok, it is just the fan leaves, but regardless, this topping is now on the menu.

This is our first pizza cooked with cannabis leaves here in Thailand.
Pizza with Ganja

Thailand slowly began to define the domestic cannabis culture back on Christmas Day in 2018, as a ‘gift’ to the Thai people. This reform allows for the use of medical marijuana and retail establishments like our pizza joint to create a variety of CBD-infused delicacies.

The Health Ministry Department of Thailand is in charge of the whole shebang and while progressive with their thinking, jumping through the hoops ain’t easy and does take some time. Nevertheless, George’s Pizza is now licensed to obtain cannabis leaves from Maejo University which happens to be the top agricultural research center in northern Thailand.

Dee starts to prepare cannabis leaves for a pizza topping.
Legal Cannabis in Thailand

The pandemic stinks, but our pizza smells heavenly. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in life rolls out…

A customer favorite at our pizza restaurant here in Thailand is the Cannabis Cocktail.
Cannabis Cocktail

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