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Pizza Delivery in Thailand

Being a farmer in Thailand is not easy work. Actually, working on a farm in America ain’t that easy either and that comes from personal experience as I grew up on one in rural Missoura. City folks say Missouri, but that is a whole ‘nother story. Anyway, farming in the states is similar to the Land of Smiles except for two key factors that I have noticed.

First, the local farmers in my neck of the woods often have a place to chill out while working in the fields. Thais call it a ‘sala’ and it is basically a small shed with a roof and no walls. It provides a respite from Mother Nature and if the workers are really lucky, there might be a hammock hanging around for a quick nap. Not once did I ever see any breakroom out in the hay fields of Missoura.

I’ve also never saw any pizzas being delivered to the farmhands back in the day. But in Thailand, that is not a problem. I recommend the seafood…

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