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A Flashback from Yesterday...

The following life experience took place yesterday during a course of two hours running around in the boonies of Thailand. The weather was hot, near 100F and I was busy; perhaps that explains my flashback. All I know is that it was weird. I better start at the beginning. Actually, I'll start with the 1973 senior class from high school.

One of my life long friends from my hometown in America is Paul. I attended a small high school with Paul and he had a green 1959 Chevy and I had a red one. Let me just say that Paul and I have been on many adventures together. But we still deny anything.

One of his older brothers was called Frank. Back then he was a pretty cool guy and I even helped him move to Texas. Now why anyone would want to move to the Lone Star state, I have no idea. Anyway, that was back then and I haven’t seen either one of them for probably close to forty years now, maybe longer. But thanks to Facebook we have been reacquainted and now share stupid memes and insults with each other.

Another long-time friend is my wife (Dee). She runs a pizza joint in the jungle of Thailand and always seems to have something for me to do. On this particular day, first I had to go to the local seamstress near D&G to pick up a repair job. Then I was going to go to the hardware store to buy electrical supplies for fans that are being installed for the upcoming Songkran celebration. Finally, I was supposed to buy one kilogram of sticky rice.

The bill for the torn shorts was only Baht 30 or about a buck. Pretty cheap for a two-day service. As the lady went inside to get the clothes, I waited by her front porch. It was then that two names on a small wooden sign jumped out at me. It was hanging from the Thai address written on the blue board.

As a side note; even though many Thais struggle with speaking English, they will often write down numbers that I’m familiar with. But the familiarity stops there. For example, they pronounce one as neung.

So the address would sound like neung gow neung top sum.

Oddly enough, the names that I saw were written in English. The seamstress said that her daughter hung up the monkey house sign years ago. She had no idea why.

Additionally, she thought I was rather odd for wanting to take a picture of her house decoration. She thought it was even odder that I showed her how to shoot a photo of me pointing to the sign.

Now let's take a closer look. Notice the names. Paul and Frank. I was rather surprised to say the least. Now it was time to head to the hardware store.

As I entered the local hardware shop, another customer was looking straight at me. Luckily, I was able to get off a quick shot before this farmer walked out without saying anything. In case you are wondering why this photograph was taken, look at his shirt and notice the lettering. Paul and Frank's last name is Enos. Pretty damn close if you ask me. And weird. But a good weird.

I forgot to buy the sticky rice for Dee and blamed it on Frank and Paul. She thought I was weird...

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