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Iron Buffalo

The rice crops are in and the rainy season has started. But fortunately for today the Sun has stayed out. And unfortunately, it is hot. Anyway, it’s time to go Iron Buffalo Racing. Thai-style.

Thais will jokingly refer to these tractors as a khwai lek (buffalo, iron). They are used for rice farming, hauling wood, rubber, livestock, getting water or just about anything that needs moving including families. Additionally, a water pump is often seen on the front of these tractors to help with irrigating the rice fields. If a person is brave enough a brush hog can also go on front to mow down tall grass. These bad boys can go anywhere and if additional off road traction is needed, just stick the iron rice paddy wheels on.

To ride one of these Iron Beasts is easy. So they say. Steering is a breeze, just push or pull left or right. The gas pedal, clutch and the gear lever is on the handle bars. There ain’t no dead man switch. If you fall off, it keeps on going just like the Energizer Bunny.

Below is jut a few of the photos taken that day. I will have to figure out how to post the rest in order for the locals to take a look and download what they want from the Iron Buffalo Race. Coming soon.

Enjoy the races. It’s going to get muddy…

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