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There is an old expression that goes like this. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Truth be told, I never really understood what it meant until recently. Let me explain.

Living in rural Thailand is not that much different than growing up on a farm in Missouri, USA. Both locations are similar in that basically there is a house sitting on some land surrounded by a fence. Both places have sticks for protection and a rifle inside the house. Homeland Security is important.

On my Wall

Take a look at this famous painting of cavemen guarding their home. One can imagine a heavy stick inside the cave leaning against the wall near the front door at night while they sleep. This was only about 40,000 years ago.


Now in 2019, the scene has not changed all that much. The other day while sitting in the library, I noticed the shadow of my bamboo stick and thought mankind has not really progressed. Not much different than a cave really.

Bamboo Stick

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but mosquitoes can kill you. Therefore, usually twice a year the local Ghostbuster will make his rounds to keep the insects at bay. Much like the cavemen did back in the day by having a fire going in the evenings.

Bug Spray

Mankind has gotten better about building fences for protection but I don’t really think they work. Sure, a solid border keeps out the wildlife, but the bad guys could climb over. I know my wife did when she forgot her key.

Points of Protection

My wife carries a knife in her Chevy. Just, look between the seats for her Crocodile Dundee knife. Once, I asked her why and she looked at me like I was stupid. At the time she did have a point. I never posed the question again.

Brass Handle

Located in Chinatown in Bangkok there is a cluster of shops that sell guns for personal protection. The merchants were rather firm on no photographs in the store and I thought it best to follow their rules.

Shooting Stance

Eventually, we find an original Daisy 1984 BB gun in stock. It was still in the box having found its way to Bangkok via Walmart in Arkansas. The ongoing War on Pigeons has now shifted in my favor.

Fake Deer

Thailand is really pretty safe.

A close eye is kept on their borders for any intruders.

Much like the cavemen.


Thailand even offers protection at Tesco.

I’m guessing that the cave people did not have either.

KY & Gum?

Money is not an obstacle when it comes to protecting D&G Resort. Therefore, we simply hire the best. The Fife Security Agency. Rumor has it, that he has a big stick…


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