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We’re Out of Toilet Paper

You do it. Everyone does it. Some people just do it differently. What is it? It is using the toilet.

Most Americans started out on a plastic potty chair before graduating to Charmin tissue and then eventually becoming King of the Porcelain Throne.

Thailand offers a variety of toilets. Squat toilets, still being used today, were found in Asia back in 1500 B.C. To use this hole in the ground is simple. Stand over the hole and squat. A bucket of water is there for cleaning. My first attempt ended up in the dump. Literally. While using a squat toilet on an island in Thailand, my brand new shorts ended up soaked, stained and smelly. Luckily as I was on the beach, no one thought anything amiss when I walked back sheepishly to the bungalow with a towel wrapped around my waist. A most humbling life lesson.

Old Style Bathroom

Now most homes and restaurants have a Western style toilet with a sprayer for cleaning. Best thing since sliced bread. Do your business and spray. Thais typically don’t have toilet paper in the bathrooms but a roll will be on the kitchen table where it is used as a napkin. Some of the 5-star joints have computerized Japanese toilets. Since I still fumble with a remote, let me just say my first experience was uplifting.

No Toilet Paper Needed

Thailand has a few unique signs to help people understand bathroom guidelines. Coming in at #2 is this sign.

Footprints are Common

Apparently, this sign is for the #1 people.

Aim Properly

And in today's world, what is a bathroom without a phone?

Here is a local villager building our worker's bathroom.


Still need toilet paper? It’s on the kitchen table…

Wipe your Mouth

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