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Jungle Snakes


There are a lot of snakes in Thailand and most are not friendly. Here is what I have learned. It all goes back to living in a tropical forest. They were here first.

Let me tell the brown snake story. Years back, I had a large outdoor bird cage which had about a dozen Budgies. I came home one day and found a 3-foot brownish snake that had obviously just swallowed one of my birds. And now the snake was not able to slither away.

With my great intellect and vast education, I immediately knew what to do. My research showed that it was a common snake of Thailand and not poisonous. Higher education had prevailed. My thinking was that the snake would soon leave and then I would repair the hole in the cage.

One of my workers attended school for about six years and can barely read or write Thai. When he came by later that afternoon, I showed him the snake. Immediately, in Thai he said dangerous. And it was. It was a cobra.

No, the green snake in our pavilion is not deadly.

I looked it up in my snake book…


Coffee Anyone?

Upside Down

Coconuts husks make for an excellent natural bird house. They also serve as excellent drive through fast food joints.


Spelunking anyone?


Since most snakes do not see very well, they will use their tongues to smell with. When a snake flicks its tongue in the air, it picks up tiny chemical particles. This way the snake smells things like dirt, plants and you.

Red Hot

The plant is called Red Hot Cat Tails.


A common green snake. The Thais say it is dangerous. It is best just to avoid all green snakes. Actually, all snakes.

Island Snake

An unknown island snake disturbing my nap.

Headed Home

Throughout the years this snake has continued to grow. I'm thinking that soon he will need a new home. The red tile is part of our walkway.

Golden Tree Snake

The frog was not camouflaged well enough.

White Tail

Notice the white curly tail? It is used to distract the predators.


A local resident moving into my pseudo-mountain lake.

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