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A Dumb Idea in Thailand

My original idea was to build a Colorado mountain lake. Sorta. There would be a rock waterfall surrounded by a lush forest, birds chirping, fish swirling the water and the sound of ducks quacking along the banks. One could sit in a small open pavilion and contemplate life. And so the project began. In Thailand at our place called D&G Resort.

Three years later, and it still ain’t done. Let’s start at the beginning. Getting the hole dug was no problem. Even had a water truck come out and fill the pond. It was empty the next day. A black plastic liner did not hold water either. Gluing plastic strips proved to be another dumb idea.

The Hole

One main problem is that our place lies on the banks of the Nan River. When Mother Nature farts, the sandy soil gets moved around allowing pockets of water to seep into the underground. Concrete must be the answer. Well, so far it isn’t, as the pond still leaks. More concrete must be the answer.

The pavilion went up overlooking the lake and it attracted the local birds. Mainly the pigeons who like to poop everywhere. The Pavilion came down. Big rocks are hard to find, so cement is used to make fake rocks. My color scheme for the semi-natural waterfall needs some touch-up work. Actually, I need to start over.

I think everybody should complete a dumb idea from start to finish at least once in life. And I will let you know when this one is done…

The Pavilion

The pavilion is now completed and the pond is being filled.

Duck Pond

A lot of dirt was being dug up and being moved around. Here are two ducks enjoying another dumb idea.

Since the pond is not holding water, it was time to start working on the island.

Flying Rats

Flying Rats


The locals say the snakes are dangerous, but I try to leave them alone.

Hope it does not turn out to be a bad idea.

Storing Fish

The few fish living in the pond had to be moved.

The chickens seem to enjoy the island.

Contemplating Life

The most recent photograph of my dumb idea.

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