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Mangos can Kill

I’m thinking mangos can kill. I’ll explain why in a minute.

Thais will often eat mangos served raw with salt, chili or soy sauce. Some people like the green mango because of its tartness and hard texture, while others prefer the soft and sweet yellow mango. A favorite dish among 100s with this fruit is known as sticky rice and mango. Forks not needed.

Over 500 varieties of mangoes are known and the most popular yellow mangos have a short season, with the best fruits available from about March to May. In 2016, Thailand cultivated 3.4 million tons of Mangos with most of them landing on my driveway. The Mango tree is big and can live for centuries and is one of the most common trees seen throughout Thailand.

In our village the Mangos are dropping out of the trees like rocks. It is no longer safe to go outside. It’s Mango season. Hey man…go pick on someone else!

The lady sitting in the 'sala' helped peel and cut the mangos that are now drying. She is only 84 and has a great sense of humor.

During mango season, an added chore is picking up the fallen fruit.

An early morning scene from a mango bombing the night before.

The mango's in the bowl are headed to the freezer.

Bangkok Mangos

Slicing a mango on the banks of the Nan River.

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