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Merica n' Thailand

Quite often I see Thais wearing clothes with an American symbol, a sports team logo or some small town, USA celebration displayed. I don’t pretend to understand fashion, but it is pretty cool. Truth is, I often wear my Rocky Mountain t-shirt for trips into town. Here in Thailand, the USA designs and sayings have been a fad for years and I chuckle when a middle aged Thai male is wearing a My Mother is a Marine t-shirt.

But, buying a t-shirt in Thailand is different than shopping in the states. The fancy shopping malls often offer imported t-shirts for B1000 on up. Too expensive for most Thais. The cheapest t-shirts can be found at the street stalls for around B100. If a person is good at bargaining, the prices can be even lower. However, most of these shirts are of poor quality and don’t last long.

Then there are the clothes in the grey zone. Much of this apparel has been donated at one time by some NGO from America and eventually ends up in the local markets. For about B300, a person can purchase an official NFL or MLB t-shirt that could have been on a shelf at Walmart at one time.

Keep in mind that all of these shirts have been made in a South-East Asia country. But the quality of shirts delivered to the states is of higher quality. Use the touch test. Thin is Thailand, thick is America…

A beautiful lady in the market.

A street stall vendor checking her messages before setting up shop.

T-shirts often come in waves. This Harley Davidson one has been popular the last year or so.

Rock N' Roll

Harvard makes me Sleepy

For a limited time only.

Headed to the Market

In old New York, If I can make it there. I'll make it anywhere.



All of these t-shirts are now up for display in a typical street stall. They will also be taken down every night.

Almost like Colorado

Give a What?


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