Originally these birds came from sea cliffs and mountains so they are well-suited to perch anywhere. They bully the native birds, poop, coo, raid rice fields and build nests where they shouldn’t. In other words I do not care for them and getting them to leave is difficult.

Fake owls, loud noises, spikes, firecrackers and scarecrows only work sometimes. Legally, foreigners are not allowed to own guns in Thailand. So I built a pigeon trap. Months ago. Nothing.

Regardless, Pigeons make a great subject to shoot. Why? Cheap and easy way to learn about the camera. Just try out different lens and settings. See what happens. Mistakes will happen as you can see in some of the photos below…

It just looks like he is saying “WTF?”

Zooming in way to close is easy to do.

I need to understand focusing better. Would have loved to be able to see more detail in the feathers.

Scarecrows in a Rice Field in North/Central Thailand. This pic would have been much better with a wide angle lens.

Unfortunately, I do this mistake all too often. No Polarizer lens. This type of lens helps to turn the sky blue instead of the white you see. If I am outdoors shooting this lens is fantastic. But if I am shooting both outdoors and indoors, then it can be a pain in the butt.

Photography often means what photos to keep and what to throw away. This one would have been culled. Why? When I look at a photo I want to immediately understand what is going on. This photo takes to much time.

Still not enough detail shown on the bird in the foreground.

On the roof of The Office.

The roof tiles captured the detail, but not the Pigeons.

Always make certain that the lens is clean.

Any closer and I would need a Macro lens.

The Pigeon trap sits outside The Office.  Shooting from Sunlight into Darkness is always tough much like Barney Fife who is on Watch.

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