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At least once a month I am reminded to get a haircut. Why I do not know.

Getting a Haircut in Thailand? Closed on Wednesdays.

In ancient times people believed Wednesday was a day of growth and development.  So members of the Royal family and noble men preferred to have a haircut on this day. It took a very long time to do one haircut because it had to be done with extreme precision, so the Beauty Salon was not available for common people on Wednesdays.

Getting a Haircut in Missoura? Closed on Mondays. Back in the day, this law was made by the Barber Union to protect barber’s rights. Monday made the cut, because it was usually the slowest day of the week. And it was also a way to promote brotherhood and keep out competition.

Getting a Haircut in the Army? We Never Close. Uncle Sam likes to have his paratroopers clean when they go camping. Using military intelligence, hand clippers were developed. Usually some private (unofficial barber) would hold the contraption and squeeze it at the same time, making the blades go back and forth. It did remove the hair albeit clumps at a time.

Getting a Haircut?  Yes, this coming Monday or Wednesday…

Getting a haircut in Phitsanulok.

A local barbershop located outside the Wat.

A hair salon in rural Thailand.

Another barbershop  a couple of miles down the road. The locals joke that this is their HiSo Beauty Salon as it has AC. Buck & 1/2 for a haircut.

Drying hair in rural Thailand.

Little girl thinks Big.

A hair stylist in Bangkok.

When I had to get a haircut this is where I went. This Beauty Salon was located in our neighborhood in Bangkok. Here my stylist is looking at her customer’s hair.


One day I went to get a haircut and the shop was closed. Why? My barber was a ‘mia noi’ and had moved on. Translated it means a minor wife and a whole new ball game.

Getting a haircut in rural Thailand.

Many villagers prefer a haircut at home.

A barber in Thailand.

Upscale competition has moved into the village.

Riding a sidecar in Thailand.

The Trail camera is always on alert for violations. Busted.       Both tags are expired.

A hair salon in rural Thailand.

From years ago. Ladies at the Beauty Salon getting ready for the Thai holiday ‘Songkran’.

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