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A screenshot of the ACDSee editing program.

ACDSee works for me. Got a basic package for less than $100 in 2009 and customer service is great.

There are numerous editing programs available. But most of my photography friends use Photoshop. It was years ago, when I played with it. I thought it was just too dificult to learn. Here is a Photoshop photo from my friend Chris. He won a UN award for this shot. He is good. I ain't.

I recently bought the ACDSee Photo Professional 2018. It allows me to work with layers. Here is one example. Let's look at removing unwanted objects from a photo. Here is a Thai rice farmer spraying pesticides to his rice field.

Chris Swift won a United Nations photograph prize for this photograph.
A Thai farmer is spraying pesticides on his rice field in Thailand.

My family tries to grow and eat organic food. So let's get rid of the unwanted chemicals.

The farmer has been erased using a editing software.

Not the best Houdini act but fairly easy to do. There is still a white blur where the farmer was standing. This can be eliminated by using layers. This will take some time for me to learn.

A young Thai lady on the seashore in Thailand.

One of my former students. She is actually a gorgeous young lady who recently completed a PhD. But by using the Liquify button, her facial features have been distorted.

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