Dee likes to visit the night market in Phitsanulok, about 15 miles from the farm. It offers a carnival like atmosphere with plenty of goods to browse through, plenty of food and plenty of people. 

The market offers the cool and the weird at the cheapest prices. Items crafted by local artisans, stuff pumped out by factory workers and stalls selling second hand t-shirts from Missoura or Japan. Night Markets are popular with the hipster crowd who think modern is blasé and retro is cool. I’d rather stay at home.

My Way or the Highway?  I’ve heard it and said it. But the older I get the less I hear it or say it. It’s amazing. Wikipedia says this idiom came about in the 1970s and often associated with micromanagement.

Easier just to take her way…

Following the Wife

Fancy Nozzles

This shop display its wares and then packs everything up for the night.


It starts with sharing Noodles.

There is That Look again.

A local artist peddling his craft.

Big Chef. Big Skillet.

Grilling a Thai Treat

Apparently, someone is buying me a T-shirt.

Trying sunglasses on at the Night Market.

The latest Cool Look.

       Fried Insects.


Always a crowd favorite!

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