Killer Weed in Thailand

Plants can grow amazingly fast in Thailand. How fast? Let’s take a look. Native bamboo grows all around the countryside that surrounds D&G Resort here in north central Thailand. I see it all over the place. Scientists say that this plant can grow 18” a day and I can believe that. Throughout the years and even today the locals use bamboo any various ways in their daily lives. The vegetarians in my family enjoy a dish made from the bamboo shoots. To me it tastes like what I thought bamboo would taste like. But it is safe to eat. But the killer weed is not safe to eat. I’m talking about the philodendron. There are 489 species and we still don’t know very much about these plants. They are poison

Thailand Bureaucracy

I know that we need them and they can do some good, but boy are they hard to find. I’m talking about government bureaucrats. Whether in Thailand or America these officials surround us, but locating the right one can be time consuming. I think most of us have sat in a restaurant and wanted something and then motioned for the server to come to the table. Sometimes the waitress might say “Sorry, not my table.” and keep walking quickly away. The better ones well add “But, I will get someone to come over.” And eventually the correct server will arrive. Government officials take this customer service up just a notch. Here is an example. I live in north central Thailand in a farming community. Righ

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