Flying High Follies

As a paratrooper with Uncle Sam, many of our practice jumps were on the weekend. Why? Many times our pilots were members of the National Guard and needed the flying time to maintain flight status. We could always tell as sometimes the plane was up and down like a Yo-yo. A lot of people were using air sickness bags. During one flight a soldier started to make extremely loud retching noises and began to throw up into his air sickness bag. When he was done, his buddy grabbed the bag, dug in with his fingers and started to eat the contents. The entire plane grew quiet for a moment and soon, more soldiers than usual were vomiting. It was a mess. It was also a joke. Before the jump, a soldier had

Living Poor

Here in this rural area of Thailand and surrounding D&G Resort are many villagers with poor means. At first glance it is easy to think of poor people with little education. But the second glance is what caught my eye. This is what I have observed about their lifestyle. The older homes are paid for, being passed down from one generation to the next. Newer houses trying to save a buck now build with metal and cement. They can’t understand why I have five air conditioners. They don’t use any. Food is cheap as it is either grown, raised, caught or gathered from Mother Nature. I am still amazed when a Thai darts in the jungle and grabs some plants saying they are delicious. The local market is a

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